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Mag’s 99 Mexican Cantina made the bold move to set up shop in a boarded up KFC/Taco Bell restaurant in 2012. At first, people were confused, and didn’t quite know what to make of it. Now Mag’s is a Squamish institution, a required stop for Sea to Sky road trips and calorie loading after a big day outside. Although there are many reasons, here’s our top seven reasons the love affair continues:

1-  The reggae tunes are on heavy rotation, usually served by people you’d expect to be listening to metal music. It’s a refreshing combo.


 2-  A burrito is easily two meals. The math adds up nicely for those of us who are dirt bagging, feeding a young family, mortgage broke, or just really hungry. Everyone wins.

3-  No matter how busy it gets in there, the staff maintains a calm coolness. Anyone in the service industry knows it’s an art to stay cool when you’re staring into a sea of hungry, needy people.

4-  Whether it’s Mexican wrestlers, plastic cactuses, Chewbacca wallpaper, or handmade memes, there is plenty to entertain you while you eat. It’s a gentle reminder to take ourselves a little less seriously.

5-  The clever highway signs are now legendary. We especially like the hip hop references. It’s a special club of people who can decipher the catalogue of hip hop throwbacks. They count themselves as true Squamptonians.

6- When you eat in, your food comes on a plate. Way to put the ‘classy’ back in fast food, you guys.

7-  They have beer. Nuff’ Said.


See what’s cookin’ at Mag’s 99

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