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In the middle of the construction phase, A-Frame’s brewery and tasting room space is a hub of activity. Owner Jeff Oldenborger is right in the thick of it, tool belt hanging off his hips. Jeff’s dad is up a ladder working, while Andrew Sawyer, A-Frame’s brewmeister, cuts boards upstairs. Building a brewery is hard work, and no one here is afraid to pick up a hammer and put in the time.

Building a Tasting Room

Jeff is happy to take a break and give a tour of the space. The tasting room is taking shape, featuring reclaimed wood counters, rounds of spruce for stools, and the centrepiece: a Shou-sugi-ban (Japanese burnt wood siding) show wall with a large etched A-Frame logo. This 30-seat room promises to be a warm, welcoming space.


The wood accents and homey feel are not an accident. Jeff and his wife Caylin both consider the summer cabin the ultimate expression of relaxation, and connection with friends and family. Their vision is to extend that experience into the brewery, both in the space and in their beer offerings. Andrew, formerly of Turning Point Brewery, states: “I focus on sessionability. I want a clean, crisp, drinkable beer”. The goal: a beer that’s perfect for the cabin.


Opening October 2016

Pushing for a mid to late October opening, A-Frame’s first order of business is to be a tasting room-forward establishment. While they will introduce bottles down the road, Jeff and Caylin want people to visit, have a tasting flight, fill a growler or two, and meet the A-Frame family.


The tour over, Jeff heads back to work. Moments later, a blood-curdling yell comes from inside. One of Jeff’s fingers has had an unfortunate meet up with a mitre saw. Bandaged quickly, Jeff gets back to work. After all, they have a brewery to open.

Some Craft Beers to Look Forward To:

Elfin Lakes Belgian Ale (Style: Trappist Single)

Delicate Pilsner malt flavour with high carbonation and a dry finish. Galena and Horizon hops also add fruity, spicy and floral notes that blends well with the yeast. Belgian yeast strain produces spicy, peppery and fruity aromatics.

Okanagan Lake Cream Ale (Style: Cream Ale)

Clear, medium-golden colour. Tight, white head. Mild grain, light maize and a balance of floral and citrus hops in the aroma. Mild sweetness with a touch of toasted bread and biscuit. Smooth bitterness, medium body and very refreshing.

Sproat Lake Pale Ale (Style: Strong Bitter)

Light amber colour, moderate bitterness with a dry and hoppy finish with toasty, bready malt flavours. Aroma of light citrus, floral and honey from dry-hopping with Cascade hops.

Magic Lake Porter (Style: American Porter)

Lightly fruity profile with bready and caramel base blended with a rich chocolate finish. Full bodied with the dryness from roasted grains providing the balance. Light citrus, spicy hop finish adds complexity.

Where to Find A-Frame Brewing

Location: 38927 Queens Way #1

Instagram: @aframebrewing


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