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Climbing in Indian Creek, Utah is a welcome respite from Squamish’s fall rains. Each season when the coast becomes saturated, many residents pack their bags and head some place sunny.

The climbing contingent often make for one of the incredible landscapes in the deserts of the Southwestern States. From Chochise Stronghold, Arizona; to the Red Rocks, Nevada; and so many places in between, the landscapes are aesthetic and lend themselves to a variety of different types of climbing.


High up in the desert
High up in the desert

This particular trip to Indian Creek, or “the Creek” as it’s fondly called, was all about crack climbing. The Wingate Sandstone in the region forms perfectly parallel and dead vertical cracks–much different than their Squamish counterparts.

The days are spent on the challenging climbing and in the evenings folks kick back and enjoy each other’s company in the desert. It’s such a different mind space than the normal of our day-to-day lives. The desert is a magical place.

It’s a sunny and sandy life, but much dryer than the Sea to Sky during this time of year—particularly when things continue to flood around this area.

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