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(I am you are) has been creating an eclectic mix of electronic, 90’s hip-hop/R&B, experimental and soul music since June of 2015. In that time, they have made a serious mark on the music industry, receiving praise in Noisey, Exclaim!, Hiphop Canada and Beatroute Magazine (to name a few).

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They were listed as one of Vancouver’s top acts to watch out for in 2016 by Winnie Cooper and and highlighted as “local stars” by the Georgia Straight. Backing up their reviews with rankings, their track Trippin On Feet” landed the #5 spot on the Global Viral Billboard Chart.  

In summary, good things are happening for I M U R as they get ready to celebrate the release of their second album “Little Death” on March 24th.

The Sea to Sky Connection

Years prior to creating musical magic, keyboarder, songwriter and vocalist Jenny Lea graced the Sea to Sky corridor with her presence, leaving a little piece of her heart in Whistler during her 6 years there.

Jenny Lea, photo credit: Eric Milic

Jenny has joined forces with Mikey J Blige and Amine Bouzaher to create I M U R (I am you are), a name which represents the idea of art as being indistinguishable from the audience – the creation of a collective consciousness.

Something about their music is mesmerizing. Their bio says it best: “Blending strength with vulnerability and intimacy without inhibition I M U R’s intoxicating songs touch on introspection, sex, substances, and heartache. Fitting, because their unique blend of electronic soul is both seductive and addicting.”

Music to Your Ears

For your listening pleasure, I M U R has curated a playlist just for us including their newest track “Swirl”.

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What You Should Know About Jenny Lea & I M U R

We asked Jenny and I M U R to tell us a little more about their music, journey and Sea to Sky connection…

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Julie: How long did you live in Whistler?

Jenny: I did one year of high school in Whistler, and then after graduating in Kelowna, moved back for 5 years.

Julie: Tell us about your Sea to Sky background – how has it shaped who you are and where you’re headed?

Jenny: When I lived in Whistler, I had a very different life than I do now. I worked for a bank, I owned an apartment, and I was in a relationship for almost a decade. I was very materialistically driven.

The positives of that lifestyle are that it showed me I had drive, and even though I didn’t know how to direct that ambition into my own happiness at that time, it gave me some much needed confidence in my abilities. Without the confidence and drive that I developed while living in the Sea to Sky, there is absolutely no way that I could wake up everyday and pursue my current goals.

In Whistler, you come across a lot of world travellers. I think that was what first inspired me to leave everything behind and go see the world. I took a fresh start with 2 years abroad, all the meanwhile learning cover songs on guitar, playing small pubs, and shortly after, writing my own songs.

Julie: Do you miss anything about life in Whistler?

Jenny: I miss the air and being so close to the mountains. Every single day that I lived there, I would count my blessings to wake up to such immense beauty. There’s a very strong connection I will always feel to Whistler.  

Julie: How do you stay connected to the Sea to Sky?

Jenny: I keep in touch with old friends, and try to make it up when I can. Luckily, living in Vancouver, it’s not far. We were so happy to be able to play WSSF last spring, and we would love to play in town this Summer.

I M U R: Our live set incorporates a collaboration with Pacific Wild Conservation Society and visual artist Laine Butler. PWCS has provided breathtaking footage of Canada’s Pacific Coast and Great Bear Rainforest, which is artistically manipulated in real time by Laine. This provides a backdrop that is both visually engaging while encouraging critical thinking and conversation about environmental issues in the BC Coast Region. We donate a portion of proceeds from each performance the footage is used.

Julie: What should we know about I M U R?

I M U R: We dream big and we work hard. We feel strongly about community and collaboration over competition. We absolutely love what we do and are so grateful everyday that we are able to do it. We have global plans, this isn’t a one night stand. Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife.

Photo credit: Kyle James-Patrick

Julie: What allows the three of you to be able to create amazing things together?

I M U R: The most important thing we share in common is that we are all very good at giving and receiving constructive criticism. We can all objectively look at our skills and abilities and adjust where needed, and don’t need to walk on eggshells when talking to each other. It means we don’t have to waste time ego-assuaging, and we can better spend that time creating something we’re all really proud of.

Aside from communication, we all love to have fun, laugh hard, work hard, and enjoy every bit of this journey. We’ve become so close over the past year. We are family, and we care deeply for one another.

We all come from different musical backgrounds, and enjoy listening to a wide variety of music. But we can always find a common thread, and I think that’s why our music encompasses something unique but at the same time comforting.

Julie: What are the easiest and hardest parts about being a musician?

I M U R: The easy parts usually revolve around private musical expression and the creative process. When you get in a room with good friends who are mutually talented, hard working, but easy going, things can progress pretty effortlessly.

The hardest part is the ever-changing business side of things. Having ease of access to an independent approach these days also results in an over-saturated market. You have to constantly stay ahead of the curve while also staying true to yourself.

Julie: Where is I M U R seeing the most success?

I M U R: Right now our biggest following is in the USA, followed closely by Canada and the UK.

Julie: What’s your personal fave I M U R track?

Jenny: My personal fav right now is “FFL”. I think the track is very relatable for my generation, and the production by Mikey is so on point!

Julie: What’s next for I M U R?

Jenny: After our “Little Death” album release end of March, we will be playing Seasons Festival in Vancouver, and then taking off for Montreal for a couple months. There, we will be focusing on writing and recording, and playing shows in Montreal and Toronto to expand our East Coast presence. We will be back end of June for festival season!

Photo credit: Kyle James-Patrick

Julie: Who are your musical inspirations?

Jenny: Little Dragon, Bonobo, Potatohead People

Julie: Who are your real life inspirations?

Jenny: My mom, she works so hard but always finds time to play. She’s also a singer and performer and I can’t tell you how cool it is to connect on that level. I can come to her with anything, she’s never judgmental, only full of love and understanding. She encourages me to no end, and always has the most diplomatic advice.

Julie: If you could give folks one piece of life advice, what would it be?

Jenny: Pursue your passions, embrace vulnerability, and stay true to yourself.

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