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Jon Hewitt: Founder of Leon Lebeniste

Jon Hewitt

Jon Hewitt is founder of Leon Lebeniste. He named his creative design and manufacturing facility in Squamish after two things. Leon, is his dog. Jon says that he sometimes has to respond to the name Leon, as people often mistake the name for his own. And Lebeniste, which is the french word for cabinet maker.

jon hewitt león lebeniste
Jon Hewitt

Being creative is all part of the job. Jon says that the best thing about his job is creating unique one-off pieces to satisfy each customer’s needs. They often work on cabinetry and interior wood work, but the sky is the limit to what they can do. They even have some metalwork capabilities.

Jon also stresses that the creation of each piece is a team effort. He has some serious talented staff behind him to allow for the creation of amazing pieces that are each a work of art. Each morning they gather for a morning meeting and chat about the day’s tasks.

Leon Lebeniste

Leon Lebeniste is a highly creative design and manufacturing company in Squamish. They design and build architectural woodwork and home furnishings. The shop is located in Squamish’s industrial area.

Oak Bench

When asked how he would describe Leon Lebeniste, Jon replies: “I would describe ourselves as artists,” he says that they aren’t just another one of the ordinary manufacturing facilities pumping pieces out. You can tell from the way Jon speaks, he is clearly passionate about what he does, and that shines through fully in his company’s work.


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