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Lovecoast: Next Stop, Home

Indie soul-pop band Lovecoast has a fresh sound and Squamish roots. We were stoked to catch up with Danielle Sweeny to talk about how Lovecoast came to be and what you can expect from their show this weekend at the Brackendale Art Gallery.

We couldn’t help but also chat about her music taste and must-visit places in Squamish. Spoiler alert: playlist below!

Lovecoast, photo credit: Webmeister Bud

The Playlist

Just for you, we asked Lovecoast to curate a playlist that combines their original music and fave tracks. Enjoy!

 The Interview

Here’s what Danielle Sweeny has to say about Lovecoast living, loving and gaining inspiration in Squamish…

Danielle Sweeny of Lovecoast, photo credit: Matt Lineker Photography
Us: Tell us a bit about Lovecoast. What should people know?
Danielle: Our band Lovecoast is an indie soul-pop band currently based out of Victoria on Vancouver Island. We do our best to deliver original music that’s both fresh and nostalgic, playing on our love for old school soul, R&B and jazz.
Andrew Fraser (bass), Matt Aasen (guitar), Phil Hamelin (keys/trumpet), Jesse McNeill (drums) and I (Danielle Sweeney) all attended Vancouver Island University’s jazz program together and somehow managed to stay in touch and continue to play outside of the classroom.
Now 4 years later we’re still doing our thing, playing shows all over BC and beyond, and currently setting our sights on recording our debut LP, which is due for release later this year.
We’re inspired by modern acts such as Lake Street Dive, The Cat Empire, and Amy Winehouse, as well as classic legends such as Billie Holiday,  and Bruce Springsteen. Recently we’ve been listening to a lot of Lawrence, Mingo Fishtrap and Gallant, all of which you can hear on our Spotify playlist!
Us: What is your local connection? 
Danielle: My connection to Squamish goes all the way back to November 5th, 1991 when I was born at Squamish General Hospital!
I was raised entirely in town, graduated from Howe Sound Secondary and then took off for University. My parents were also born and raised in town, and we have a massive extended family that’s mostly all in town still as well, so no matter how far I go, Squamish will always be my home.
Lovecoast was also born in Squamish! We played our first gig ever at The Shady Tree pub, and our first festival was the Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival opening for Five Alarm Funk. So Squamish means a lot to the roots of this band.
Us: How has the Sea to Sky Corridor shaped your music? 
Danielle: I started Lovecoast in Squamish after moving back to town when I finished my Music diploma at Vancouver Island University. At the time being home again really sparked an appreciation for how gorgeous and unique our hometown is inside me, something high school me didn’t seem to notice, and I started to write about it.
Our name Lovecoast is a direct result of me growing up in a little West Coast town on the water – I love the coast!
Beyond just the music of the band, Squamish shaped me as a musician long before Lovecoast came to life.
I attended a local musical theatre summer camp called Broadway or Bust as a youngster, and took singing lessons from the music director Melissa Braun, who now owns the Squamish Academy of Music. Melissa was a big inspiration for me, and probably the biggest reason I went on to music school after high school.
I also participated in a ton of school productions at Howe Sound Secondary, where the drama teacher Janice Carroll gave me many opportunities to fall in love with performing. I’m sure if you asked any of her previous students they’d agree that she was more than just a teacher, she was a mentor, friend and a source of constant motivation.
Both of these women changed the direction of my life and helped me find my passion in music and performing, which in turn resulted in Lovecoast!
Us: Where’s the first place you go when you come back to Squamish?
Danielle: Honestly…my parent’s house. Remember that large family I mention? There’s a lot of catching up to do once we get to town! But once we’re settled we usually grab a beer at the Howe Sound Brew Pub or sushi at Sushi Sen, and the morning after the show we always head straight for Chef Big D’s.
We’re also big craft beer geeks so I think this time we’ll be making a pit stop at A-Frame Brewery to try something new!
Lovecoast, photo credit: Matt Lineker Photography

The Show

Us: What can people expect from your show on Saturday
Danielle: People can expect to hear a ton of our original material, including a couple of songs that’ll be appearing on our upcoming album.
We’ll also be playing some covers everyone can sing along to by artists like Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, BøRNS, and Stevie Wonder. It’s going to be a dance party, so bring your friends/family and your dancing shoes! Staff Writer

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