Make a Break for Britannia - 5 Reasons You Should Revisit

Make a Break for Britannia – 5 Reasons You Should Revisit

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If you want to strike gold with your next family-friendly adventure, the Britannia Mine Museum is it.

With 10 acres of exploration and activities to be had, this award-winning National Historic site is located just ten minutes south of Squamish, making it an ideal destination for day trips from Whistler or Vancouver.

With a 4.5 star rating from Trip Advisor, ocean views, and an incredible mountainside setting, it’s no wonder over 70,000 visitors from around the world pass through the gates each year. 

Enough to Keep Coming Back

There are plenty of reasons to keep them coming back. Here are our top five reasons to make a repeat visit.

1. Make Like a Miner

Britannia Mine Museum
Courtesy of Britannia Mine Museum

You may have ridden the Museum’s mine train once already, but it’s not every day that you get to experience an underground adventure and it’s well worth reliving.

You’ll have a blast learning about dynamite and minerals, and will feel like a real miner as you travel deep into the mountainside, before stepping off the train into the cavernous space around you—the same space miners would have worked hard in over 100 years ago.

Forget Minecraft. This is the real deal. It’s also a huge reason why so many online reviewers give five-star feedback.

“It’s a real chance to see all the different nooks and crannies,” says Laura Melvin, Marketing Coordinator at Britannia Mine Museum.

2. Incredible Interpreters

To help visitors really dig deep into the mine’s history and understand its inner workings, tour guides (interpreters) are available onsite to help.

These knowledgeable experts are passionate about bringing your tour to life and will inject facts with fun and creativity.

“Each adds their own personality and flair, and even some different facts here and there,” says Melvin.

“It’s always an informative and fun experience, but visitors can walk away with something slightly different every time.”

3. Finders Keepers

Britannia Mine Museum
Courtesy of Britannia Mine Museum

A visit to the Gold Panning Pavilion is a great opportunity to dig right in and get into the spirit of being a miner.

You may not get rich, but you could strike gold. Or even amethyst or quartz. Simply grab a pan and get sifting.

For first-timers, guides are on-hand to teach you the tricks of hunting for treasure and help you identify your finds.

“Everyone goes home with a little bag of gems,” Melvin explains.

Even if you’ve done it before, the thrill of the hunt never wears off and the excitement of finding hidden gems is a great highlight to the day.

4. Exciting Events

Even if you’ve taken in everything there is to see, a great reason to return is for the Museum’s new exhibits and special events.

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day at the Mine takes place on May 20th in celebration of BC Mining Week.

“There will be face painting, a photo booth, living drilling demos, fossil fun with Minerals Ed, and geoscience exploration with Below BC,” Melvin explains.

Plus, the opportunity to climb aboard not only a Finning loader but also a fire truck, and hang out with the Britannia Beach firefighters.

Events Calendar

For other events throughout the year, including Easter, Halloween and Christmas, visit

5. Something Old, Something New

Britannia Mine Museum
Courtesy of Britannia Mine Museum

From the mineral gallery to the A to Z exhibition and artifacts, there can be a lot to absorb in a single trip and there’s always something new to see or do.

“It’s hard to capture 100 years in a single visit,” says Melvin. “Every time I go for a walk about the site I pick up something new and come away with a better understanding of what life was really like.”

I Heart Carbon Exhibit

Every spring/summer, the Museum also creates a new exhibit. This year it’s the ‘I Heart Carbon’ exhibit, all about the uses and potential of this element, and the impact it has on our lives.

The New Chatterbox Cafe

Returning visitors will also notice the newly opened Chatterbox Café—a throwback to the original café and social hub of Britannia, and it is a great spot to grab a coffee and a snack.

Plus, you’ll always find something new in the gift shop.

Buy a Membership to Britannia Mine Museum

Yearly membership to the Mine Museum offer the best value for return visits and costs $140 for a family and $66 for adults, which include access to all special events.

For information visit


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