POV of Andrew Boyd's Treasure Trail with Richie Shley

Treasure Trail is one of Squamish’s most famous mountain bike trails. Why famous? Because is exhilarating, petrifying, inspiring, giggle-inducing, and heavy consequence, all in the same moment.

Richie Schley, Wade Simmons, Matt Ryan POV Video

Freeride mountain biking legend, Richie Schley, along with Sea to Sky rippers Wade Simmons and Matt Ryan teamed up to shoot this POV video of Treasure Trail.

It’s a nice shout out to Squamish mountain biking in this installation of the Red Bull Series featuring Richie’s POV experiences on some of the best and most challenging mountain bike trails in North America.


Andrew Boyd’s Treasure Trail

It is a burly, ambitious, and beautifully crafted stretch of trail in Squamish’s the Alice Lake area. And when you get to know the legendary local who built it, Andrew Boyd, everything starts to make sense.

The Climber + The Biker

Andrew has been sending climbs in the Sea to Sky area since the nineties and has established some of the hardest free climbs in Canada. His athletic prowess and confidence are apparent when you see his name and photos speckled throughout BC climbing guide books. Although he keeps a pretty low profile and prefers not to be in the limelight, his accomplishments do all the talking.

It would only make sense that when he turned his sights to mountain biking and trail building, Treasure Trail would be his brainchild. It is a challenging descent, not for the faint of heart.  Andrew is a master woodworker and his talent is on display for riders who commit to this ride. Even if you can’t ride the whole thing clean, getting off your bike will give you time to look around and enjoy his craftsmanship and vision.

If you want more details on riding Treasure Trail, check here.

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