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Squamish Days : 60th Anniversary Events

A 60th anniversary is a big deal. So big a deal, in fact, that the expected gift for a 60th wedding anniversary is diamonds. The Diamond Jubilee, the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Queen of England’s ascension to the throne, lasts a whole year and is celebrated all over the globe. While the party for the 60th year of Squamish Days might not involve the Royal Family or go an entire year, the festival has some Special Edition events lined up that are sure to please.

Loggers Sports Parade

The annual Festival Parade is a good chance to practice that “Royal Wave”. An event that has entertained crowds for decades, this year there’s an extra incentive for participants to really spruce up their floats. Sponsored by Chance Casino, a prize pot of $1000 is up for grabs, and will be awarded to the top three floats in the parade.

Squamish Days Parade
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A panel of judges will be looking for the most creative floats with a Logger Sports theme. The judges include local forest industry professionals and special guests Joe Eppele, a Squamish-born CFL player, and Squamish Councillor Jason Blackman-Wulff. The prize money will be donated to local charities of the winner’s choosing.

New Women’s Event- Underhand Chop

Each year the number of women competing in Squamish Day’s events increases, and this 60th year should prove to be no exception. Adding to the lineup of exciting Logger Sports events is the Women’s Novice Underhand Chop.

Squamish Days Underhand Chop

This event requires nerves of steel and skill to match, making this fast paced race a crowd-favourite.

Eat it Up

It wouldn’t be a festival without food fit for a king (or queen). There’s no shortage of good grub, including the pancake breakfast and many food vendors.

Beef BBQ

A local’s favourite each year is the Rotary Beef BBQ, serving up melt-in-your-mouth Beef in a Bun at the Logger Sports shows on the Saturday and Sunday.

Squamish Days Beef BBQ
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Chili Cook-Off

A new addition to the culinary attractions is the Lumberjack Chili Cook-off Invitational sponsored Skyridge Squamish.  The Invitational takes place during the Kettle Boil event at the Squamish Valley Golf Course. This saucy event will pit local restaurants against each other, all vying for the bragging right of the best chili in Squamish. Confirmed chili challengers include the Squamish Valley Golf Course, G-Van Catering, White Spot, Fergie’s Cafe and Norman Rudy’s. Given the heavy-hitters vying for top spot in this cook-off, the chili presented will be inventive and tasty.

60 Years and Counting

These Special Edition events, as well as all the classic attractions, will make this year’s 60th Annual Squamish Days festival one to remember. Building on years of history, crowds will return to see their favourite event or experience something new.

Squamish Days event

No 60th anniversary goes by without some very special celebrations, and the Squamish Days festivities will deliver just that.

While no-one will be handing out diamond-encrusted chainsaws as 60th Anniversary presents, there will be some memorable tributes during the event, homages to the people who have built this festival up over the years, the athletes that have made their mark, and the diverse set of characters that have made Squamish Days a source of community pride. It’s the Logger Sports version of the Diamond Jubilee, a celebration that all of Squamish can enjoy.

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