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Squamish Makers Collective: Up With Modern Design

It’s the plight of Pinterest culture. That idea that just maybe you could make that thing yourself, and do it even better than the next guy. But often, the sad reality is that you probably couldn’t, and you most likely wouldn’t. Enter the Squamish Makers Collective: they can, and they are.


These five local creative entrepreneurs have united to strengthen their individual businesses, as well as their connection to Squamish.

The Squamish:

Members of the Squamish Makers Collective (SMC) are part of the newest wave of locals who are expanding the town’s creative energy and adventurous spirit. Their unique and modern designs for kids (and kids at heart) are winning over the internet and locals alike.

It’s the beauty of a small town.
The SMC is getting great feedback and all kinds of support from a kid-friendly community that’s craving quality locally made goods. It’s here in Squamish that they’ve found an ever-present connection to other local businesses, bolstering their idea that “we’re all here for, and because of, each other.”

Photo: Lindsay McGhee

“Our companies are about staying as local as possible, supporting other local businesses and ‘mompreneurs’. We’re designing, manufacturing and selling locally to keep dollars in our community while maintaining a low carbon footprint.”

It isn’t a coincidence that these like minded ladies found each other in Squamish, of all places. Running their creative businesses in a veritable playground is ideal for the SMC founders who say they are inspired by their surroundings, with “elements like the mountains, the beloved black bear, trees and water” recurring in their designs.

The Makers:

If you’re in the market for quality modern kids goods, look no further. Each of these self-proclaimed “mompreneurs” has a locally made, unique product line of stylish designs that rival even international competition. Here’s the SMC’s creative roster:

Mandy Michals – Bushel + Peck Eco-friendly accessories in originally designed prints for baby and nursery.

Bushel + Peck Narwal
Bushel + Peck


Angelisa Hollick – Feelin’ It Decals: Modern wall decals designed to add personality to your space.

Feelin It Decals


Trisha Howander – Mitani Designs: A textile designer and manufacturer of modern, eco-friendly bedding, bath and decor for babies and kids.

Mitani Designs Photo: Allison Kuhl

Gabrielle Livsey –
Trae Designs: A small handmade business that focuses on wood decor and children’s toys.

Trae Designs
Trae Designs


Shannon Cairney – Vagabond Babe: Modern unisex apparel for your mini Vagabonds.

Vagabond Babe
Vagabond Babe

The Collective:

These members of the SMC have more in common than swoon-worthy styles for kids. Upon meeting as vendors at the Refresh Kids Market last Spring, their complementary aesthetic, like-minded tenacity and down-to-earth demeanors drew them together to create a dream team.

“We got into our own businesses because of our families. These days, the widespread support for “mompreneurs” makes it a little easier for moms to run their businesses and be there for their children.”

Angelisa Hollick, Trisha Howander, Shannon Cairney and Gabrielle Livsey (Missing Mandy from Bushel + Peck)

The SMC initially came together in an effort to support and grow their individual businesses alongside one another. Now, talks of collaboration and group growth are underway. But the main accomplishment of the SMC has been the formation of their ambitious, creative and compassionate support system. Five women, juggling family life and booming businesses who are making time for one another despite having little time for themselves:

“We support each other not only in business, but personally as well. If any of us needs a morale boost, business advice, or a bottle of wine, we are there for each other.”

The Squamish Makers Collective is putting Squamish on the map when it comes to modern kid-friendly designs, all the while creating a local collaborative community all their own.

Photo: Cameron Hunter

Get the Goods

These gals are giving good reason to shop local (note: their products ship worldwide). Shop the individual brands online or at pop-up shops and markets around the Lower Mainland.

If you are finding yourself wishing you were part of this power posse, follow the Squamish Makers Collective on Facebook; they’ll soon be looking for other local makers to join forces as guest vendors in upcoming pop-up shops.

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